The Little
Black Dress

The little black dress

The Little Black Dress

What happens when AI designs a Little Black Dress?

"Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not." --Ann Demeulemeester

The Little Black Dress (LBD) is an essential item for any women's wardrobe. Often described as an elegant and versatile black dress, LBD is suitable for all occasions. We present you LBD-AI, an artifical intelligence algorithm's take on designing a little black dress.

The Little Black Dress

How did we do it?

Step 1: AI-Generated Design

We trained a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) on thousands of dress designs. The AI algorithm learned how to generate new designs that don't exist in the dataset. We picked one of the designs AI hallucinated and decided to bring it to reality! Learn more.

Step 2: Human-AI Collaborated Design

We created a human-AI collaborated design inspired by the novel ideas AI suggested (such as a bell sleeve on one side, asymmetrical neck and skirt details and pointy shoulders).

Step 3: Made in Real Life

We shopped for fabrics and other materials, and made the little black dress (re-imageined by AI) in real life!

Premiered at Congreso Futuro

LBD-AI was premiered at Congreso Futuro, Santiago, Chile during a talk given by Pinar Yanardag on Human-AI Collaboration. The talk featured different collaborations artists & artisans made with artificial intelligence, and showcased many human-AI collaborated creations, including jewelry, graffiti, perfume, theater plays, pizzas, music, and many more.

Learn more on How to Generate (Almost) Anything project.

AI-Generated Jewelry

LBD-AI is accompanied by human-AI collaborated jewelry! We collaborated with jewelry artist Erin Genia to re-imagine AI-generated necklace designs and the results were amazing!

Read more on this collaboration.

The Little Black Dress

The Team

Pinar Yanardag

Pinar is an AI researcher with a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue'16, and did her post-doc at MIT Media Lab'17-18.

Emily Salvador

Emily is a graduate student at MIT Media Lab, and holds a BSc in EECS from MIT.


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